Springfield Bulldogs: Sportsline Summer Camp 2016

Springfield Bulldogs - Part 2: Sportsline Summer Camp 2016
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

SPRINGFIELD, LA (WAFB) - Springfield Bulldogs have been working on rebuilding their image all summer.

After suffering through a miserable 2-8 season, the Bulldogs hit the weight room and trained this summer to get bigger, faster, stronger. In fact, head coach Ryan Serpas will have the weight room moved out into the stadium for one day so students and fans can sit in the stands and watch his players max out before they put full pads on for fall workouts.

Serpas has 19 starters back, but senior lineman Maverick May said most of them are motivated by how they didn't play last season against teams like St. Helena and Christian Life, during a season where a 1-point win over rival Albany and a non-district win over a small school from Mississippi were all that kept them from going 0-10.

"I think our identity is going to be kind of an underdog, because everybody saw our performance last season. Not that we didn't perform well, but just that we didn't have the leadership," May said.

"I think that's really one of our problems now. We just don't have that commitment level," Serpas said. "You've got a lot of kids who say they want to play, and give you lip service, but whenever it comes down to it, they're not very dependable. And that's really what you've got to count on to be a very good and successful program, is you've got to be dependable and accountable."

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