East Iberville Tigers: Sportsline Summer Camp 2016

East Iberville Tigers - Part 2: Sportsline Summer Camp 2016
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

ST. GABRIEL, LA (WAFB) - The East Iberville Tigers have reached the playoffs in back-to-back seasons despite not winning a single game during that stretch.

"This team has had some ups and downs. We have been through some tough situations," said junior wide receiver/defensive back Damion Mills Jr.

"We finished the year with about 17 games, which that's tough for football. This year we moved up to about 40 kids," said head coach Damieon Mills.

"They keep motivating us. They keep telling us, eventually we'll get there, and we're getting there right now," said junior quarterback/defensive back Lyndell Joseph.

However, with increased numbers now, East Iberville hopes to earn some respect in 2016.

"Coach Mills is teaching us how to bond more together and come together as one, instead of being individual players," said sophomore running back/linebacker Keston Johnson.

"I feel very confident in what Coach is doing here at East Iberville. We're bringing in a lot of young players, a lot of young folks. He's teaching us the role of leadership, how to lead," Joseph said.

"They're totally committed, and you're gonna see the total difference this year in the program," Coach Mills said. "And we'll see how are kids respond and react to being in difficult situations and how our kids we'll respond to winning some games this year."

East Iberville does not have many seniors this year, but that's alright.

"I have one senior. We finished last year with two seniors so we're going to finish the year with one senior, but the following year for us is going to be a large class. We're going to have about nine," Coach Mills said.

"Football has been a part of me my whole life. I love it and I never stopped loving it. No matter win or lose, I'm always going to love football and be part of it some way, somehow," said freshman Justin Hollins.

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