Father of Deputy Tullier reports condition improvement, asks for continued prayers

Father of Deputy Tullier reports condition improvement, asks for continued prayers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "Every day is a miracle," says the father of Deputy Nick Tullier, who was critically wounded during the ambush shooting. After more than three weeks of little change, the latest update shows signs of slight improvement.

"Nick's breathing is nice and steady; enough so that they've removed the breathing machine out of Nick's room," writes James Tullier. "Vitals are good. No complications to report."

Deputy Tullier, 41, was one of six officers who were shot during an ambush shooting on Sunday, July 17. He was transported to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, which is where he has remained in critical condition.

Several surgeries have been performed in an attempt to repair the damage caused by three bullets. Deputy Tullier was struck in the abdominal region, upper arm and in the head.

"They've removed Nick's head bandages to allow for air to keep the head wound areas dry," reports James Tullier. "Going to have some scars on the left side of his head, but we can live with that. Been breathing well."

"Still some concerns in the abdominal areas," he adds. "Further testing to come."

Although the latest updates are the first true sign of a positive change in his condition, James Tullier says the battle is far from over and asks everyone to continue praying for Nick.

"I do believe in the power of prayer and I do believe in prayer by numbers," says James Tullier. "We have been told of prayer groups all over the world praying for Nick. When most are sleeping in the US, prayer warriors in other counties east and west, north and south hemispheres, have been continuing the train of prayers. My family appreciates this valiant effort from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you all very much."

The continued support for Deputy Tullier has taken physical form as well. Several fundraisers have been held to raise money for the Tullier's family.

"I know people now are vocally supporting law enforcement officers, but it must continue and must grow exponentially," said James Tullier. "If you see a law enforcement officer on the street, please say hello and thank you."

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