Councilman Satterlee calls for resignation of Ascension Parish President after bribery allegations

Councilman Satterlee calls for resignation of Ascension Parish President after bribery allegations

ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Councilman for District 4, Daniel "Doc" Satterlee, has officially called for the resignation of Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa after bribery allegations against him surfaced.

Matassa is accused of offering cash and a job to a candidate for parish council if he would agree to drop out of the Gonzales City Council race. That man, Wayne Lawson, spoke to WAFB about the incident.

The allegations, which include audio recordings, were first reported by the Pelican Post, an online newspaper. The conversations reportedly captured by The Pelican Post over a four-day period are seemingly scandalous.

"The harshest of spotlights has trained its glare on our parish and its government, and questions abound which Mr. Matassa has not answered. This unfortunate situation will only intensify in the coming weeks and the people's business cannot be conducted under these conditions.

Therefore, I feel it only appropriate that Parish President Kenny Matassa resign and I ask my colleagues on the Parish Council to adopt a resolution demanding his resignation. I further request Legal Counsel, O'Neal Parenton, to draft, and Council Chairman Randy Clouatre, to place on our August 18, 2016 Council Agenda, a resolution to that effect so that the Council might consider such resolution," said Satterlee.

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"The residents of District 4 and all the people of Ascension Parish deserve better than to have a parish president under suspicion of bribery. A week has passed since a local media outlet published recordings purporting to include Parish President Kenny Matassa engaged in unlawful conduct and we know an active investigation has been opened into this matter.

I do not mean to deprive Mr. Matassa of his rightful day in court, nor do I prejudge him. But every day this cloud hovers over Ascension government is harmful to the parish and our citizens. We've all heard over an hour of recordings and suffered through a torturous press conference by Mr. Matassa's attorney," Satterlee said.

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