Concert for Peace strives to heal Baton Rouge

United Baton Rouge hosts downtown concert for peace
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A quest for unity through music and fellowship was the goal of a free concert held in downtown Baton Rouge Saturday.

The music that filled the air in the Town Square was that of healing as a city that's gone through so much recently tried to
reunite in a concert for peace. The music drew Tanesha Craig into the area. She said it is one of the reasons she loves her city.

"We love downtown Baton Rouge. We were just doing the usual Saturday walk and we heard some good music so we said let's see what's
going on, so that's one of the great things about Town Square is there are so many fun activities," Craig said.

This activity though is a chance to bring people together, giving the young, old, and everyone in between something to bond over – the unifying power of music.

"I truly believe music is a universal language, so I think music just brings together all different types of people so it's a great way to heal Baton Rouge for sure," Craig added.

The concert, set to go well into the night, was packed with scheduled performers, but event organizer David Johnson said there may also be a few surprises in store.

"We're going to just open the stage up to whoever wants to support, you know, a healing Baton Rouge," Johnson said. "It's a time of healing for Baton Rouge and we're happy to show the world that we're out here, we're healing and we're united."

While it may not solve all of the city's problems, those who attended the event believe bringing people together to enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon is one of the best ways to start.

"It's fantastic," said Tommy Crump. "It's just wonderful. Music is what makes all of Louisiana."

After everything that has happened this summer, Craig said it is nice to focus on something positive.

"Just to kind of get away from it all for a moment or two and listen to some great music, I'm down for it," she added.

The concert was hosted by Roux Louisiana and Louisiana United.

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