200 bags of synthetic urine, drug paraphernalia recovered during traffic stop

200 bags of synthetic urine, drug paraphernalia recovered during traffic stop

RAPIDES PARISH, LA (WAFB) - It's not something you hear about too often, unless you're an employer who requires job applicants to take a drug test.

"These suspects were bringing items into Central Louisiana to actively aid people in the avoidance of a urine screen and that is a problem employers see every day" said Rapides Parish Sheriff William Earl Hilton.

More than 200 packages of synthetic urine were recovered from a vehicle Tuesday afternoon. Deputies made the discovery during a traffic stop on I-49.

"Deputies observed the panel van make lane changes without signaling and a traffic stop was initiated," states a press release. "Through their interview of the suspects, Deputies asked for consent to search the van, which they were given.  As Deputies searched the passenger compartment of the van, they located a curtain concealing the back compartment.  When the curtain was opened, Deputies located several boxes of KLEEN PEE, X STREAM, FETISH POUCHES and glass tubes with large round bowls on the end, most commonly used for smoking illegal narcotics."

Bassam Nafel, 39, of Prairieville, and Fernando Olivas, 56, of Baton Rouge, were both arrested and charged with 200 counts of possession of sale of synthetic urine and 40 counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

"Currently, the investigation is still ongoing as Metro Agents are trying to determine the destination of the contraband," states the release.

"If you don't do drugs, you don't need synthetic urine to mislead employers.  Safety in the workplace is so important," added Sheriff Hilton. "Our deputies and a lot of employees in Central Louisiana have to submit to random drug testing every day."

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