Grand jury returns indictment against New Roads mayor accused of misusing city money

Grand jury returns indictment against New Roads mayor
Robert Myer (Source: Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff's Office)
Robert Myer (Source: Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff's Office)

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - A grand jury returned an indictment Wednesday against the mayor of New Roads who is accused of misusing the town's money.

A 10-person grand jury in Pointe Coupee Parish listened to evidence and testimony for nearly 6 hours involving Robert Myer's spending thousands of dollars on a city-issued credit card for personal use from 2011 to 2014.

Prosecutors said that the taxpayers in Pointe Coupee Parish basically paid for Myer's sexual demands because in exchange for those sexual favors, he gave his city financial director the city's credit card.

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On Wednesday, 19 people were issued subpoenas to come testify in court, including the New Roads police chief, council members, departments and the mayor himself.

Some of the most damaging details came out of the indictment basically saying the mayor let the former city financial director use the city credit card more than $9,000, in exchange for sexual favors and that Myer demanded from her.

"She did not have to reimburse the City of New Roads for personal expenses incurred by her on the city credit card, in exchange for, but is not limited to, personal favors, trips, sexual favors, unlimited use of the city credit card with the understanding that she did not have to reimburse the city. The loss that the city suffered exceeded $9,000."

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Of the nearly $9,000 racked up on the city's credit card, Myer did pay back $8,600. Those costs included dining at some high-end restaurants, hotels, flights even cruises and the report by the Inspector General's Office, when released publicly, will show even more detailed spending.

In the end, the jury returned an indictment for nine counts of malfeasance in office and one count of abuse of office.

District Attorney Tony Clayton requested a court order to issue an arrest warrant for Myer, who was taken into custody and booked into Pointe Coupee Parish Prison. He was released Wednesday evening on a $50,000 property bond.

"I indicted the mayor for his conduct and so in Louisiana, conduct, that if your conduct rises to a certain level and certain elements of the law are infringed upon, then you are charged with that conduct," said prosecutor Tony Clayton. "I could care less if this person is a mayor or if he is the president of the United States or he is whatever. It is the conduct I am looking at, not the position he holds."

The Louisiana Inspector General's Office started looking into the matter before turning the findings over to the district attorney's office.

Back in 2014, the 9News Investigators looked into four years of records, which went back to when Myer first took office.

The Investigators found many for high-end restaurants without itemized receipts and in some cases, no receipts what so ever. Flights and hotel stays for not just the mayor, but many council members.

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