MLK III: 'Americans are in pain'

MLK III: 'Americans are in pain'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Martin Luther King III said the solution to America's recent round of "pain" and frustration is by no means simple.

From the protests following the death of Alton Sterling to an ambush shooting that left three law enforcement officers dead, the past month was one of tension for the capital city.

"Maybe the positive thing that can come out of this great tragedy for this community is that people will be talking, law enforcement will be talking and the community will be talking to each other," King said.

That dialogue can lead to potential solutions, King said, including a renewed focus on community policing. 

"When a policeman knows the community, know the neighborhood, knock on people's houses. People are more willing to talk to you," he said.

However, limiting the conversation to policing tactics and training is not enough, King said. In a city largely divided along socio-economic lines, King said ensuring that people have access to jobs and an income is key. 

"There has to be discussion from the business community about you create opportunity and options for people, so that people have decent jobs and decent pay. When people are focused on their missions there is less prospect of trouble emerging," King said.

None of this, of course, will come easy. It is a long term project.

However, as the city stands at a cross-roads, now is a chance to start moving in the right direction.

"You can choose one road or the other. And one road can create more destruction, another road can create redemption and creative and resolution," King said.

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