La. officials warn taxpayers they are being targeted by scam artists

La. officials warn taxpayers they are being targeted by scam artists

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana taxpayers are being warned to be alert and protect themselves because scam artists are targeting them.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue issued the warning Monday morning.

"Scammers often use publicly-available information to target individual taxpayers," Secretary of Revenue Kimberly Robinson said. "Other scams, known as 'phishing,' cast a wider net for personal financial information that is used to engage in various kinds of fraud."

Officials said a woman in East Baton Rouge Parish was the target of a scam. She reportedly received a phone call indicating she had pre-qualified for a program to help her resolve a tax lien. According to revenue officials, the woman was told that all she had to do was pay a fee for 10 percent of the lien amount. Investigators said the woman contacted her CPA, who discovered the offer was fake.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue will never initiate contact with a taxpayer to request personal financial information. When LDR initiates contact with a taxpayer, it is often to request documentation to support claims on a tax return. The taxpayer is asked to submit the documentation to the department by mail or by fax. Contact with taxpayers who are delinquent on their taxes is initiated through the mail. The correspondence explains in detail what is owed, and provides contact information for the department if the taxpayer has questions or wishes to contest the assessment. Contact regarding delinquent taxes is never initiated with a phone call.

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