High schooler hangs umbrellas to raise melanoma awareness

High schooler hangs umbrellas to raise melanoma awareness

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When it comes to this brutal Louisiana heat, melanoma is a concern for everyone.

A local high schooler decided to raise awareness about this form of skin cancer.

John Carleton hung umbrellas up from the front entrance at First United Methodist Church where he is a member.

The umbrellas symbolize on of the most important things people need in preventing melanoma, shade.

Carleton doesn't know anyone personally with the disease but he just wants to make sure everyone is safe and out of the sun.

"Going outside is something everyone does almost regularly each day but people often neglect putting on sunscreen or going into the proper shade, so melanoma does affect one in five people in America, so it's quite important to raise awareness," says Carleton.

In case you are wondering, Carleton and his family hung the umbrellas by going to through the outer windows and the strings are anchored down by boxes of kitty litter.

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