Collapsed bridge removed from Tangipahoa River

Collapsed bridge removed from Tangipahoa River

ROBERT, LA (WAFB) - Contractors have almost completed the removal of antique railroad tracks which fell into the Tangipahoa River in Robert, LA.

The bridge is approximately one mile west of the intersection of LA 445 and US 190.

According to Parish President Robby Miller, the collapsed tracks are a multi-faceted safety hazard.

"Because of its placement in this critical point on the river, the trestle was ultimately accumulating debris floating downstream and creating a sort of dam that blocked water from flowing south. In addition, highway officials were concerned that the trestle was creating a potential for 'backwashes,' or water pushing back onto US 190, which would threaten that critical east-west corridor bridge," Miller said.

Contracted crews are using cranes to remove the 94-ton bridge piece-by-piece.

The "Warren Through Truss Brige" was erected around the 19th century, but fell into the river last November.

Miller says the $64,000 contractor bid is money well spent. "For decades, there have been questions about the safety of this old bridge. After the collapse last fall, we knew that something had to be done, and I'm very proud to say that Tangipahoa Parish Government and our partners on the state level were able to remedy the situation relatively quickly and in a very cost-effective manner for our citizens," Miller said.

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