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Meet The Panelists - Sister Judith Brun

Sister Judith Brun, CSJ is a career educator, who spent 11 years at Catholic High of Pointe Coupee and 25 years at St. Joseph's Academy. Her community involvement includes and all new initiative called TakeCare+, a community engagement opportunity focused at reducing generational poverty and the self-defeating behaviors that sustain the cycle. The first venture, TakeCare+in the Neighborhood, is located in the area directly north of Southern University. The second phase involves opening a child and caregiver center for 56 children, 40% of whom will come from the focus neighborhood and open to children of students at Southern. Professors and students at Southern are involved in TakeCare+ and are significant to the success. Believing stronger families will generate economic development and strengthen the area for all who live there, a future phase involves establishing a program for social entrepreneurship to engage neighbors in creating opportunities and others in providing employment.

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