Amazing Kids: Cameron Sterling and other Baton Rouge children

Amazing Kids: Cameron Sterling and other Baton Rouge children

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It has been a tumultuous month in Baton Rouge. Perhaps the defining moments and images belong to a younger, innocent generation.

Cameron Sterling, 15, lost his father Alton Sterling. The human element of the story was on full display when Cameron broke down at a press conference as his mother spoke of Alton's death. Cameron spoke a few days later with grace and wisdom beyond his years.

"I feel people in general no matter what the race is should come together as one united family. There should be no more arguments, disagreements, violence, crimes.  Everyone should come together as one united family," Cameron Sterling said.

He even stressed peace in a tense time for our community.

"Protest in peace. Not drugs, not guns, not alcohol, not violence everyone needs to protest in the right way," Cameron said.

One of the demonstrations was led and organized by youth. The weekend following the death of Alton Sterling, teenagers spoke in front of a crowd of hundreds stressing a message of change. The very next weekend peace was broken by gunfire. A gunman shot and killed the people charged with keeping us safe. Local hospitals were ready to take the wounded and dead. The police moved into position and stood watch outside the hospital to protect their fallen brothers.

What happened next proves a community can come together. Suzanna, who is 3 years old and no taller than the bouquet of flowers she was holding, gave officers a moment maybe they didn't expect.

It didn't stop there. Kaylah Reed, 11, and her siblings also came to deliver love and support.

"Like I feel sorry for the two police that died and I just wanted to bring flowers," Reed said.

When asked if she could say anything to the officers who are hurt or their families, Kaylah said she would say "I feel sorry cause like people are wrong for like killing."

Maybe it's time we listened to our kids. They seem to have the right idea and are leading by example. Let's come together now to give them a better future.

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