Prairieville neighborhood uses blue bows to show police support

Prairieville neighborhood uses blue bows to show police support

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - People may have noticed blue ribbons on some houses or mailboxes as a tribute to local law enforcement. Almost every house in a small neighborhood in Prairieville has them.

A blue bow accompanied by American flags is Geri Teasley's way of thanking police officers. She has lived on Ridgewood Avenue in Prairieville for 33 years.

She said the recent ambush attack that killed three lawmen in Baton Rouge inspired her to buy the bow.

"It broke my heart, you know. I mean, my god it was just so horrid to see," Teasley said. "They do a great job, I mean they protect us. They're there for us."

Teasley isn't alone. Many houses in the neighborhood surrounding Duplessis Road have displayed blue bows.

Tami Stewart put one on her mailbox. Her nephew is a former police officer and her son recently joined the Army. She said the ribbon is a tribute to them and law enforcement.

"Just keeping those lives safe, and it's just a little thing I can do. There's not much I can do," Stewart said. "We need them and without them I don't know what we would do."

Local grocery outlets said these ribbons have been in very high demand. In fact, one of them said they have sold almost a hundred in the past four days.
LeBlanc's Food Store, the closest grocery outlet to Duplessis, ordered blue ribbon in bulk, and they are waiting on another shipment to come in.

Ann Braud, an employee at LeBlanc's, has been spending most of week tying them into bows.

"We've been making bows, and we've been selling a lot of them," Braud said. "You know everybody's wanting to support the police."

Braud said she's not surprised that the bows are so popular. She said the surrounding neighborhood has always been supportive of law enforcement, and the recent shooting struck a chord with them.

"I think this whole community is really pretty strong when it comes to their law enforcement. They're really strong."

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