Capital Region businesses donate portion of proceeds to families of fallen officers

Capital Region area businesses donate portion of proceeds to families of fallen officers
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - More than 100 restaurant owners from Baton Rouge to Hammond committed to donating 25 percent of their profits to the families of the fallen law enforcement officers. Although the final result is yet to be revealed, all indications show that the effort was a huge success.

It is hard to go anywhere in Baton Rouge without seeing a public display of support for the relatives and friends of the three fallen officers. Many local businesses have followed the popular social media trend #25onthe25th to honor them. The businesses that use it plan to donate 25 percent of its profits on July 25 to those families.

The owner of Pastime, Randy Wesley, is on board.

"Being in the restaurant business, I thought, it was a great way to give back," Wesley said.

East Baton Rouge Metro councilman and local business owner John Delgado got the effort going with a post on his Facebook page stating he would be donating 25 percent of the proceeds. He asked other businesses to join him. They did. Wesley said his customers lined up.

"They are all happy to give and donate. In fact, some, instead of 25 percent, are throwing into a jar to give more. They are throwing their extra change in there and we are going to send all that on as well," Wesley said.

The money will be deposited into an account set up by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation to help the officers who were killed and EBRSO Deputy Nick Tullier, who is still in critical condition.

Local resident, Joanie Battle, said it is an easy way to show love to the officers' families.

"We are behind them. We are supporting them in prayer and thought and deed and 100 percent behind them because if it weren't for them we'd all be in trouble," Battle said.

Missy Avery said she hopes the cause goes beyond the cash registers and donation jars. She sees this as a form of healing for the entire city.

"I'm really glad to see the community pulling together and reaching out and pulling everyone together instead of concentrating on what's negative," Avery said.

These entrepreneurs hope their willingness to share with others will become a trend that spreads long after they close their doors on #25onthe25th.

Some restaurants and Calandro's Supermarket plan to offer the same discount to customers Tuesday, July 26. Click here for information about those businesses.

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