Community says final goodbyes to Cpl. Montrell Jackson

Community says final goodbyes to Cpl. Montrell Jackson - 10 p.m.

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The burial of Cpl. Montrell Jackson of the Baton Rouge Police Department on Monday marked the final funeral procession for the three law enforcement officers slain during an ambush attack on July 17.

The funeral service was held at the Living Faith Christian Center on Winbourne Avenue. There were so many people who tried to attend the service that some filled overflow areas.

"A few days ago, Squad 9, we all visited for Trenisha and she told us Montrell was her everything, her Superman," said Cpl. Ivory Taylor with BRPD. "Well Trenisha, let me tell you this, 'You and Mason were his everything. You were his Superwoman and Mason was his SuperBaby!'"

In the last weeks of his life, Cpl. Jackson found himself in the thick of things as Baton Rouge unraveled. A prophetic Facebook post has become his lasting legacy and was referenced during the service by Gov. John Bel Edwards and several other speakers.

"These are trying times. Please don't let hate infect your heart. This city MUST and WILL get better," the post read. "I'm working in these streets so any protesters, officers, friends, family or whoever, if you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer, I got you."

Many who filled the streets to watch the procession were holding signs in honor of that final message. The signs read, "Need a hug? I got you."

"I want you to know that in the weeks to come, when the cameras stop flashing, we got you," Cpl. Taylor said to Jackson's widow during the funeral.

A tremendous show of support flooded the Living Faith Christian Center as law enforcement officers from all over the US and even Canada paid their respects to Jackson.

"I love you, man," said Kendrick Pitts, Jackson's brother. "Mom loves you, your wife loves you, your son loves you and the little kid that you beat at laser tag, he loves you. The whole world loves you."

"P.S. God, Montrell has a lot of shoes, so please make a lot room for them," Pitts said before ending by quoting, in part, his brother's prophetic Facebook post.

Hundreds of motorcycle officers from across the country began the procession by going under the crossing of the ladders put up by both the Baton Rouge Fire Department and St. George Fire Department. Many people stood along the roadway with flags in hands and hands across their hearts as a long line of law enforcement officers preceded Jackson's hearse.

The mid-day heat wasn't enough to keep people from lining up on Florida Boulevard to honor Jackson's life. They watched as the funeral procession ended at Greenoaks Funeral Home. Jackson was laid to rest in the Greenoaks Cemetery.

Like fellow law enforcement officer, Deputy Brad Garafola, Jackson's procession was led down Airline Highway, the road that has become infamous because it is where the three lost their lives. Many people lining the highway said the deadly ambush broke their hearts and they had to be there Monday.

"It's horrible," said Sandra Hohensee. "They try to protect you and it's just horrible."

"It was just so hard to believe that it was our city, that it was Baton Rouge that this was happening," Ruth Bergeron added. "To be in our city, it really, you know, it's just heartbreaking. They were heroes. That's what they do. They protect us."

At Jackson's burial site, his flag-draped coffin was surrounded by friends, family and officers who said their final goodbyes. Troopers with Louisiana State Police fired shots into the air, a special salute.

A memorial service will be held at Healing Place Church on Highland Road beginning at 2 p.m. on Thursday, July 28. Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will attend the service.

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