La. local law enforcement to receive $650,000 in federal funding after police shooting

La. local law enforcement to receive $650,000 in federal funding after police shooting

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Local law enforcement is set to receive $650,000 in federal funding to help offset costs incurred from responding to Sunday's deadly police shooting.
Congressman Garret Graves, R-Louisiana, worked with other state leaders to help secure the money from the U.S. Department of Justice.
In the hours after the shooting Sunday morning, law enforcement from all over responded to the scene. In the days that followed, deputies were called in from across the state. Law enforcement officers began driving in pairs and overtime ramped up.
All in all, Graves estimates the aftermath of Sunday's shooting could end up carrying a price tag of millions of dollars.

"Obviously the state, the sheriff's office, Baton Rouge city police department didn't budget for these shootings, budget for these tragedies, yet we've had to incur significant expenses," Graves said. "The biggest concern is that we're going to end up reducing capabilities or having to take away other resources from our officers, like important things, training, weapons, and defense equipment like bullet proof vests."

The thousands of dollars from the federal government are meant to help prevent some of those cutbacks. There is also the possibility that additional funding could come from Washington as well.

"We just want to make sure the readiness of our police offices doesn't suffer as a result of these shootings," Graves said.
In addition to helping law enforcement, the feds will also be lending a helping hand to the families of the fallen officers, with each family eligible for $340,000 in assistance. Still, Graves said, nothing can replace a lost father or husband.
"There is absolutely nothing that can take away the void that the loss of these officers is creating in the lives of these spouses and children," Graves said.
Spouses are also eligible to receive $250,000 from the state of Louisiana.

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