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Officers from across the country in town for funerals

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The law enforcement family has brought out officers from across the country, many of whom didn't even know the three fallen Baton Rouge officers.

"Anytime there's a tragedy like this, the community feels the pain. That pain is especially felt in the police community," said Lt. Brad Kelling with the St. Louis County Police Dept.

Lt. Kelling is one of four officers from 670 miles away. The four officers left their hotel, the Embassy Suites, and went to the memorial set up outside the B-Quik to lay down one of their badges.

At that memorial, there are badges from other departments from across the country. Over the coming days, officers from the east coast to the west coast are expected in town all because of the brotherhood.

"It runs deep. When something happens, it doesn't matter if it happens in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, small town in Missouri, we all feel it," said Lt. Kelling.

That sentiment is why Patrolman Scott Brown couldn't hold back his tears at the memorial. He understands better than many other officers what the families are going through.

He was shot during the protests in Ferguson.

"There was three gunshots in succession, the first one striking me, knocking me to the ground at which time someone grabbed me and took me behind a van," said Patrolman Brown.

He now has a purple heart. His wedding ring is black with a blue strip.

He says returning to the force was never a question. 

"I love this job more than anything. It's a passion and it's a calling. There's tons of people who try to get in this profession and they find out in the first six months to a year, it's not for them. I've been doing this for over 20 years. There's nothing I would rather do than to be here side by side with my brothers," said Patrolman Brown.

Like them, badge after badge from all over the country will put on a uniform and stand together to prove "divided we fall, united we stand". 

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