#WhyILoveBR website seeks to unite residents of Baton Rouge

#WhyILoveBR website seeks to unite residents of Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge creative agency has launched a new website in the wake of the recent tragedies involving the shooting deaths of three police officers.

The website, WhyILoveBR.com, is an open submission website that allows users to share and show their love for Baton Rouge. The site displays words, photos and illustrations submitted by users both within and outside the city.

The agency behind the new site, ThreeSixtyEight, says the intent is "to spread positivity and awareness of a united love for the city we all call home."

"With Baton Rouge making national headlines lately as part of a series of tragedies, we felt that we personally wanted to feel the love that connects
us all," said CEO, Kenny Nguyen. "No matter where you stand on the issues facing Baton Rouge, we are united by a love for our city and community. We just want to see that unity in a tangible way that everyone can be a part of."

WhyILoveBR.com, launched on Thursday, is already seeing activity from a number of users.

Here are just a couple of the messages some users have posted:

"I love Baton Rouge because as a community, we always come together, and unite as one. we can overcome anything."

"I love BR because it's a city that however times I fell, I was caught and lifted by the people. people joke about how everyone knows each other here, but really that's a good thing. Who wants to live in a town full of strangers?"

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