Officers' wives turn to each other for comfort

Wives of law enforcement officers come together after tragedy

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In the wake of the events over the past few weeks, family of law enforcement officers may have concerns that are unique and recently, a group of officers' wives have found friendship and comfort in each other.

The saying goes: Behind every great man is a great woman. You could say that Kimberly is one of those great women. She's the wife of a commander with the Baton Rouge City Police. 

While so many have watched so closely the men and women in uniform over the past few weeks, Kim's husband among them, she's been behind the scenes waiting at home, praying for their safety. 

"We send our husbands out to combat daily. But what you do is, when you have the faith in God, you know that he's either going to come home or he's not and you just pray that he does," said Kimberly.

This week, three husbands and fathers did not make it home. Suddenly, the danger officers face daily was all too real. Kim says she felt like she was a new wife all over again, watching her husband go on duty for the first time. There's also a new fear for officers' families at home. Kim's husband asked she not be fully identified.

However, Kim says her husband still has a job to do, and that God gave her one too. Under her husband's command are more than two dozen men, and yet Kim says their wives had never met or gotten together. So she sent out texts and calls and told as many as she could reach to come over for a visit, a wives club. 

"It was just so comforting just to be girls, not to have to worry about anything. Just to feel loved. Just to love each other," said Kim.

Having seen her husband through decades of military deployments and police shifts, Kim says the families left behind are sometimes overlooked. It can also be difficult to explain to civilians the challenges and joys of having a loved one in uniform.

"We're the ones when our husband's come home that need a hot meal and they need a warm bed, a clean uniform. We're the ones that provide that," said Kim.

Now she says they can find comfort in each other. After just one meeting, she's hoping to bring in even more officers' wives, husbands, and families for a chance to share, confide in one another, and support.

"I firmly believe as simple as it is, the outcome once the storm is gone is going to be way better than we ever had," said Kim.

Kim said she's currently reaching out to the spouses within the department and she hopes others will form their own groups.

There are, of course, several ways you can help the families and police.

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