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VIDEO: Former classmate sings The Lord's Prayer at vigil for slain officer

Source: WAFB Source: WAFB

A former classmate of Montrell Jackson, one of the Baton Rouge Police Department officers killed in Sunday's ambush attack, sang The Lord’s Prayer during a vigil at Istrouma High Tuesday night.

“His last post that he said, 'I so love my city and I wonder if my city loves me.' Tonight, we showed that his city, his school, his community loved him,” said organizer Kanesha Kelly.

The class of 2001 organized a candlelight vigil for their fallen alum, Jackson. Every memory shared painted a picture of a caring, kind, and devoted man. 

"I had the pleasure of knowing his heart. When I tell y'all that he wasn't just the type of person that just showed this on the street, this was how he was inside and out," said Jackson’s sister, Jessica Milligan Robinson.

Listen to her sing as we show you images from that vigil, as well as others from around the city.

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