Officers in MO heartbroken over Baton Rouge police shooting

Officers in MO heartbroken over Baton Rouge police shooting

KANSAS CITY, MO (WAFB) - - Officers who patrol the streets of Kansas City, MO, the city where Gavin Long lived, are heartbroken over what happened in Baton Rouge.

A police captain with the Kansas City Police Department broke down as she tried to put into words how she felt.

"We know that it's a dangerous job," said Capt. Stacey Graves. "We know that every day when we put the uniform on."

It does not matter that they never met or knew their names before Sunday's horrific ambush. They too are mourning and showing their support for Officers Matthew Gerald, Montrell Jackson, and Deputy Brad Garafola.

Like every city in the country, Kansas City is flying its flags at half-staff and praying for their brave brothers and sisters who wear blue.

In the quaint city of Grandview where Long grew up, ten law enforcement chaplains comfort a force of 50 officers.

The department's Chief Deputy, Dean Hutson, acknowledged the connection to the tragedy has taken a toll on his officers. He said if there is anything they could do to ease the pain in Texas and Louisiana, they would do it in a heartbeat.

"We've got their backs up here. They are in our thoughts and prayers, along with their families, and we know they would be here for us," said Hutson.

In fact, Baton Rouge is here showing officers some appreciation. A church group from there happened to be in Grandview and decided to be spontaneous and bring the local police department homemade jambalaya.

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