Rep. Garret Graves uses technology to reach out to constituents

Rep. Garret Graves uses technology to reach out to constituents

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Technology is a tool that brings people around the world closer together. It's also a tool U.S. Rep. Garret Graves uses to keep up with the people he represents in South Louisiana.

Graves held a 25-minute question and answer session with his constituents through Facebook Live on Monday. Nearly 1,000 people from his district tuned in to ask questions and hear what he had to say.

Here is a Facebook Live question and answer session Graves held Tuesday:

"The point is to stay in contact with his delegates. Facebook, people are already there. As soon as Facebook came out with live streaming, we've started doing live Q&A's," said Graves' communications director and deputy chief of staff, Kevin Roig. "We have reached easily 200,000 people."

Graves said his goal of using social media is to increase accessibility and responsiveness during his term in office.

"The whole idea is to engage with folks with what is happening while it's happening. We try to do one every week while we're in session to talk about what we worked on and what's coming up," said Roig. "We get a lot of questions about ongoing legislative topics, traffic questions, the red snapper bill, the bill he introduced with Congressman Richmond."

Graves says he plans to continue to use the tools to keep a finger on the pulse of his district.

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