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Kansas City officers send message of support to Baton Rouge officers

Capt. Stacey Graves with KCPD (Source: WAFB) Capt. Stacey Graves with KCPD (Source: WAFB)

Law enforcement officials in Kansas City, Missouri, are sending an emotional message of encourage and support to Baton Rouge. 

The Kansas City Police Department held its daily news conference Tuesday morning, where reporters gathered to get information on events that may have happened overnight. The public information officer stated investigators are not answering any specific questions, that they have exhausted the background on Gavin Long and that at point, they are referring all reporters to ask their questions to the FBI. 

While they wouldn't comment any further on that, members of the department are offering words of comfort to their brothers and sisters in Baton Rouge who are grieving the loss of their brothers.

"Still put the uniform on," Capt. Stacey Graves with the Kansas City Police Department said. "This is a noble profession. Some people chose their profession but this is one that you are called to do. Keep putting that uniform on and doing what you are supposed to do." 

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Police Chief Darryl Forte declined a request for an interview. However, he is offering words of encouragement to his officers daily through a blog.

Click here for Chief Forte’s blog

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