Friend of Long, fellow Marine speaks out about gunman

Friend of Long, fellow Marine speaks out about gunman

KANSAS CITY, MO (WAFB) - - A man who grew up with Gavin Long and who was also in the Marine Corps with him speaks out after Sunday's shooting.

He and others who knew the gunman say they never saw this coming.

All was quiet in downtown Kansas City, Missouri Monday night, but just a few miles away in the small community of Waldo, residents were in utter shock after learning a man who lived in their neighborhood violently targeted and killed law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge.

It has them asking: Who was this man?

Long was once an honor student, a high-ranking Marine who grew up not far from Kansas City, but videos from Long's YouTube channel "Convos with Cosmos" give perhaps the best clues as to who he became in recent years.

His Twitter posts were camouflaged at times, one reading "Power only respects power," another reading, "Many ways to skin a cat."

Long's Grandview High School friend and fellow Marine, Brandin Smith, says he is stunned that this man, who was once his close friend, had a dark side.

"Gavin was not a bad guy whatsoever. Most loving guy, it's just that people go through certain changes in their life. I rode in the car with this person, like I did things with this person. I deployed with this person. You never know what is going on in that person's life at that time to make him snap," said Smith.

Long's cousin also reached out to reporters Monday afternoon to express his condolences to the families in Baton Rouge whose lives are now changed forever.

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