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Rep. Marcelle responds to Baton Rouge Police Union Statement

Representative Denise Marcelle (Source: Facebook) Representative Denise Marcelle (Source: Facebook)

A Louisiana State Representative has apologized to anyone she offended by wearing a t-shirt depicting blood and Alton Sterling’s name. The Baton Rouge Police Union called the shirt "inflammatory."

Representative Denise Marcelle wore the t-shirt to a rally in Baton Rouge last weekend. The rally was held by those calling for justice in the wake of the July 5 deadly police shooting of Sterling.

In a statement issued Monday night, the Baton Rouge Police Union did not mention Marcelle’s name, but made it clear they were upset by the shirt.  “We have all witnessed one of our local ‘leaders’ wearing an inflammatory t-shirt at the recent protests which only served to instigate and validate violence against law enforcement,” the statement said. The event was held one week prior to Sunday’s shooting in Baton Rouge that wounded six law enforcement officers, killing three of them.

Marcelle issued a statement Tuesday afternoon saying the shirt “was designed to suggest that Alton Sterling died in bloodshed, which he did.”  The state representative, who is also a candidate for mayor of Baton Rouge, said it was not her intent to offend anyone. “I was simply trying to bring attention to unnecessary violence and bloodshed, as I continued to do on yesterday when I wore a similar t-shirt with all of the fallen officers names on it who died in unnecessary bloodshed.”

Marcelle reiterated her condolences for the Sterling family and the families of the fallen officers. She said she has a relative who is a Baton Rouge police officer and added that she has a long “history of supporting officers who uphold, protect and serve our city and state.” 

“I join the police union and our citizens who strongly denounce any and all attacks on any of our officers,” she added.

The full statement can be read below:


The Baton Rouge Union of Police released a statement Monday night in response to Sunday morning's shooting that left three officers dead and three others wounded.

That statement specifically criticizes one of Baton Rouge's local leaders for wearing an "inflammatory t-shirt" to one of the protests following the shooting of Alton Sterling on July 5. 

The full statement can be read below:

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