At the sound of gunfire during ambush shooting, woman jumps to help

At the sound of Sunday morning gunfire, woman jumps to help

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When a loud crack echoed through her neighborhood, Gillian Triche, 31, immediately knew something was wrong.

Her military background told her the noise was a gunshot. Her instinct told her people may need of help.

"I believe we all have a moral responsibility to help where ever we can, whenever we can. Yesterday was my opportunity to help where I could," said Triche.

A nursing student, Gillian left the safety of her home and drove towards the sound of gunfire. It took her just five minutes to get to the scene which was already blocked off as first responders did their work. Seeing there was nothing more she could help with, she got out of the way and started posting to Facebook to keep her neighbors informed.

"I just tried to repeat all I the information I had at the time, who, what, when, where, so people could use that information to make themselves safe," said Triche.

Gillian spent more than four hours sitting in her truck in the parking lot of Albertson's grocery store, directly across from the shooting scene, posting updates. She eventually was able to go inside the store, where she said staff made sure everyone stuck inside was comfortable.

A little over 24 hours later, Triche says she's still processing what she saw. Moving forward, she hopes the city can embrace its similarities instead of focusing on its differences. She also said, while she's always respected anyone in uniform, the last few weeks have deepened her deference.

"I'm incredibly proud to be from this city," said Triche.

Some have called her willingness to run towards danger heroic, and Time featured Triche in an article online. However, the Baton Rouge-native insists she was just telling a story and wants none of the attention coming her way.

"The heroes yesterday were in uniform. I was not. I had an opportunity to tell a story and that was all I did. I only told the story of my city and our police officers and our heroes," said Triche.

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