Despite protests, World Changers come to rebuild homes in Baton Rouge communities

Mayor holds press conference to thank World Changer for work in BR communities
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The protests may be keeping some from coming to Baton Rouge, but not students. More than 100 students are currently in the Capital City despite the protests to help rebuild homes.

Through parts of south Baton Rouge and Mayfair, volunteers are working on several homes in the area belonging to disadvantaged and elderly residents. All the students are part of the World Changers.

"World Changers is an organization through Lifeway. What we do is come to cities like Baton Rouge. We were in Hammond and Pontchatoula and Covington throughout the summer. We come in and help damaged homes," said Trace Lee, a communications specialist with World Changers.

They are volunteers from all over the country.

"They're looking at people in need. They're not addressing their fears and they knew the circumstances existing here but yet they decided to show up in large numbers," said Mayor-President Kip Holden.

Roughly 130 students from 6th through 12 grade are in Baton Rouge from five different states: Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Mississippi and Michigan. For what?

"We do wheelchair ramps. We do painting. We put sidings on the house and we're just there to prepare that house and also share the love of God anyway we can," said Lee.

Holden said many of the homes do end up on the Department of Public Works' list of buildings in need of repair, but because of their back log, they are not able to get to them as quickly. Instead, World Changers becomes a partner with the city in helping those not so fortunate to afford improvements on their own, in many cases, the seniors.

"They're bringing new light to where a lot of time through our community development," said Mayor Holden.

Despite the protests, rain or scorching sun, the World Changers said it's an experience the students need and want and a feeling that cannot be put into words.

"It's awesome and it's not for the sake of self-enjoyment but for the sake of we want to share the love of God anyway we can and we're glad we can do this," said Lee.

The World Changers arrived in Baton Rouge on Monday and will be in town until Saturday. According to organizers, earlier this summer the group made stops in Covington, Hammond and Ponchatoula.

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