OUR TURN: Gov. Edwards' handling of the Alton Sterling shooting

OUR TURN: Gov. Edwards' handling of the Alton Sterling shooting

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Alton Sterling shooting and everything else that's happened since then has created a challenging time for all of us. It's in difficult times like these that we all learn what we're made of, and we get to see whether the leaders we have selected are up to the task.

We would like to commend Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards for his leadership of our state as we faced this crisis. Of course, some people are bitterly criticizing the governor for the way he has handled these situations, but that was guaranteed from the moment this story burned its way into our lives.

We applaud the governor being quick to jump into action, and for seeing the big picture. He understood there was an opportunity for a bad situation to get much, much worse, and we think he did a lot to prevent that from happening.

Perhaps it was his West Point education, maybe the 82nd Airborne experience, or possibly his law enforcement family background. In any event, he stepped up, he did many things right and we're better off today because of it.

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