Baton Rouge community activist encourages protestors to remain calm

Baton Rouge community activist encourages protestors to remain calm

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some community activists report they are fed up with the way some of their fellow demonstrators are acting.

On Saturday, the Capital City made history when officers arrested a record number of demonstrators at a protest outside of Baton Rouge Police Headquarters. As the arrests escalated, some encouraged others to express themselves in a more peaceful matter.

"I don't even know what a peaceful protest looks like now. It's awful," said Keon Preston, founder of Stop the Violence Baton Rouge.

Preston has been on the front lines of protests surrounding Alton Sterling's death. He is there to show support but also to help protesters communicate more effectively with police.

"I'm like, listen, there's enough that have been arrested. We don't need any more to be arrested. They are literally going to arrest you if you walk in the middle of the street. Just stand back on the sidewalk and just protest," Preston said.

Preston has taken a calmer approach with marchers, but there are others who have taken things to the next level to make sure their fellow protesters stay out of jail. One man got loud when some of them got out of line.

"Let's not antagonize these police officers. Let's not yell and scream obscene language to them. Let's not throw frozen bottles of water at them, bricks, rocks. Let's not do that because that's only going to make matters worse," Preston said.

When asked how he would like a protest to look, Preston pointed to Sunday's rally at the State Capitol where thousands gathered peacefully. Preston said while he does not see protesters slowing down anytime soon, he hopes others will follow in the steps of those who have inspired others to keep the peace.

"At the end of the day I am my brother's keeper. If you see your brother doing something wrong, correct that negative behavior, don't entice, don't encourage that," Preston said.

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