Consumer Guide to Collision Repair

Your Vehicle. Your Choice.

Consumer Guide to Collision Repair

Facts from Your Vehicle’s Manufacturer



1. The Parties Involved.

The parties are involved in most collision repairs – you, the vehicle owner: the insurance company: and the collision repair professional. While rights and responsibilities vary by state, general:


            YOU are the one who decides where your vehicle is repaired: and you, as the vehicle owner or lessee, have the right to know in advance what parts are proposed, and decide which ones are ultimately used, for the repair of your vehicle.


            THE INSURANCE COMPANY writes a policy that may contain language stating your vehicle will be repaired to pre-loss condition.


YOUR COLLISION REPARI PROFESSIONAL will assist you through the process, while following direction provide by you and/or the insurer.


2. The Parts

It is likely you will have to choose from three types of parts for repairs to your collision-damaged vehicles.


            GENUINE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT PARTS are designed by your vehicle manufacturer and produced to the same specifications and tolerances as the parts on your vehicle when it was built.


            NEW AFTERMARKET PARTS are copies made by companies other than your vehicle’s manufacturer and may not be made to the tolerances and specifications of Genuine Original Equipment Pars. As a result, questions may persist about the quality of some new aftermarket crash parts.


            SALVAGE PARTS are parts removed from salvage yard vehicles. Quality concerns may exist with salvage parts because the source, condit9ion and durability of the parts are not always known.



3. Benefits of Genuine Original Equipment Parts

Your vehicle manufacturer asks that you carefully consider the use of Genuine Original Equipment Pars for collision repairs. Why?


            IMPROVED REPAIR APPERANCE. Genuine Original Equipment Parts provide the quality, precise fit, performance an warranty protection you deserve from you vehicle’s manufacturer.


            SHORTENED REPAIR TIME. You want your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible. Genuine Original Equipment Parts are designed to provide consistent fit. The use of some new aftermarket or salvage parts may take more time to install and my require modification to achieve an acceptable fit, which may ultimately increase your vehicle’s repair. Time.


            STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY. Many parts play an integral role in the overall structural integrity of your vehicle. Genuine Original Equipment Parts are mad to the same specification and tolerances as those o your vehicle when it was built. Genuine Original Equipment Pars are developed to deliver the structural performance characteristics originally designed into your vehicle when installed using factory-recommended materials and procedures.


            RESALE VALUE. Using Genuine Original Equipment Parts for repairs is one way to help keep your vehicle looking “like new,” which can help to maintain its value. The use of new aftermarket and/or salvage parts may decrease resale value because of potential poor quality, fit, finish and appearance.


            WARRANTY. Genuine Original Equipment Pars are the only replacement parts warranted  by your vehicle’s manufacturer. New aftermarket and/or salvage parts used for collision repair are not warranted by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Damage to your vehicle or its parts caused by the failure of new aftermarket  and/or salvage parts may not be covered bye your vehicle manufacture’s warranty.