Smart Security: Stopping the criminals before they get in your home

Smart Security: Stopping the criminals before they get in your home
(Source: Weis Family)
(Source: Weis Family)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - You've heard that saying before - a man's home is his castle. Of course it needs updating for the 21st century, but you get the idea.

You should feel safe in your castle, your home. With criminals getting more and more brazen though, how do you keep that home of yours safe, while you're there or while you're away?

There are many new pieces of technology that could help, but one in particular is helping many people make some smart decisions right now. It's called the doorbell security camera.

"I don't want to see that guy that I don't know, brandishing a weapon or trying to kick at my front door. This gives me a warning. That's all I want," said Jeff LeDuff, a former Baton Rouge police chief.

What he's talking about is the hottest trend going in home security right now, that doorbell camera. There are a number of brands out there, but the technology is all basically the same.

"To be able to see who's at your door anywhere in the world and have a two-way communication with them, gives you a lot of security," said Steve Weis.

He's a big advocate of the technology and has it in his home. That security also comes with motion sensitive technology. So actually ringing the doorbell doesn't matter. Even if they knock, you know they are there.

Depending on the situation, that can prove invaluable.

"When we heard the doorbell go off, we went to check the app and we saw the hooded face," said Dora Weis.

That's right. She and her husband Steve, along with their little girl, were at home at the time. One look at the app on their smart phone and they were able to take appropriate actions.

The Weis' use one particular brand name of this technology, it's called "The Ring Video Doorbell."  What happens is a message is sent to an app on your smart phone that is tied to the security system. All you need is an internet connection and you'll know who is showing up at your door, before they even get to your door.

The former chief has the same type of tech at his house.

"If somebody is approaching, I'm going to get an alert," said LeDuff. "I'm going to get a text message. I can talk to them before they ring the bell. If they are there, I can take a picture that quickly. It's all that simple. Technology works. I wouldn't sleep in my house without it."

A big endorsement from somebody with over 30 years of law enforcement.

He and his son currently run their own security consulting firm, Open Eyes Security. They teach best practices for individuals and large companies and he knows very well that criminals will go to great lengths to get into your home.

"They will disguise themselves, act as if they are delivery or utility workers. Whatever, to get into your house," he said. Which is what makes this tech potentially lifesaving.

The thing is, it's only a tool. You have to have a plan in place if something happens.

"If somebody is kicking in our front door, we know where to go and what our plan says," said the former chief. "We're getting out of the house. I don't need to go confront the guy."

Good advice, and as hot as the technology is right now, LeDuff said nothing can compare to a neighborhood full of people that watch out for each other.

"Man, look over that fence. You don't know who your neighbor is anymore. I make it a point to know who is in my neighborhood. I'm going to talk to them and become part of their movement around my neighborhood. I'm here to help you and please help me if you see something. Give me a call, share numbers and open those doors again," he said.

Open those doors again. Just make sure it's for somebody you know. Of course that's where a little bit of technology can go a long way.

If you're wondering how much products like these cost, Ring is roughly $200. The videos recorded by the device are saved for up to six months.

One more possible tool in the fight to keep that castle of yours, and everybody who may be in it, safe.

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