New Roads 4th of July events spark new interest in city

New Roads 4th of July events spark new interest in city
(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - The annual 4th of July festivities are in full swing in New Roads and the free concert there is doing a lot more than just bringing people together.

Residents cannot help but dance in downtown New Roads as the sound of the annual 4th of July concert filled the air Sunday afternoon.

"Oh I've been out here several times," said Catherine Jones. "I enjoy the band and the music, the dancing and everything and I come out to have fun."

The free event has been going on for six years now, and some people say it's just what they do the first weekend of July in New Roads. Some concert goers said Sunday's event was their first time.

"It's a great thing I mean you get the neighborhood feel of it and there are great people," said Lindsey Boles. "Everybody's been so nice and so I think it's great that they do something like this."

With free food for everyone and plenty of people on the dance floor, Mayor Robert Myer said he is thrilled the concert continues to deliver. The event has become a household name for many, even bringing in people from other states.

"It's a nice event for our community. It's nice to showcase our community and we're excited about that," Myer said.

The excitement is expanding. Not only is the city hosting the concert, but also a triathlon, a fireworks show and boat parade. Myer said the popularity of the weekend-long events is changing people's opinion of the small town.

"New Roads was a good place to be from and now people are saying New Roads is a great place to live and we're very excited about that," Myer added. "They're excited about the enthusiasm of each other and the enthusiasm of what this is doing for our community."

Myer said he is glad the small town gathering is sparking a renewed interest in the city of New Roads this holiday weekend.

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