Port Allen mayor wants to expand city limits

Port Allen mayor wants to expand city limits

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - Port Allen could be getting bigger. At least that's the plan for the city's mayor, who believes Port Allen is ready for expansion.

"Port Allen's in a prime location," said Mayor Richard Lee. "We got the I-10 bridge on one end of the one end of town, and we got US 190. So we're not like Addis and Brusly where it's basically one way in and one way out."

The Port Allen city limits end Allendale Drive, but what officials want to do is expand westward along Court Street. There's 200 acres of open land between Turner Drive and Allendale Drive.

Lee and city officials want to build between 150 homes there.

There's another 75 homes near Rosedale Drive, adjacent to that land that would be included in the annexation.

Lee believes the expansion will improve the city's economy as a whole. He also wants to keep Port Allen's population up.

In Louisiana, to be classified as a city, there has to be least 5,000 people, and Port Allen is right on the edge with around 5,200.

"It's barely over. So we want to keep that population growing so that we can maintain our status as the city of Port Allen," Lee said.

Another factor is the shared sales tax in West Baton Rouge Parish.

Revenue is shared among the municipalities based on population, and if Port Allen is bigger, it can help the city's financial health.

"It works well for all the municipalities. Port Allen, Brusly and Addis, and of course West Baton Rouge Parish," said Adrian Genre, the city's chief administrative officer. "Shared sales tax means just that. The more population, you retain x amount of dollars for your share of the sales tax."

The process of is in the very early stages. The city has hired an attorney based out of Lafayette, and they are still at least several years away from obtaining the land.

Homeowners along Rosedale would also have to approve the Annexation. The city will need 51 percent of the residents to sign a petition in favor.

Lee said those residents already use city water and gas.

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