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Amazing Kids: Ada Short

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(Source: Short Family) (Source: Short Family)
(Source: Short Family) (Source: Short Family)
(Source: Short Family) (Source: Short Family)
(Source: Short Family) (Source: Short Family)

The Civil Air Patrol is a military style service organization for middle and high school students. Larry Morgan is the commander of the Northern Tangipahoa squadron. 

"They get an opportunity to fly. We do search and rescue missions. Plus we do regular what you would consider JROTC drill, parades so on and so forth," Larry said. 

Larry nominated his 16-year-old 2nd Lieutenant Ada Short for Amazing Kid. 

"She's always going above and beyond: community service, volunteering. She's always stepping up to train new cadets, recruit new cadets," Larry said. "So we just think she exemplifies what we're looking for." 

Ada comes from a military family. Several relatives serve or have served in the armed forces. So joining was a no-brainer. 

"I went to one of the meetings and I kind of found interest in it because I had interest in going into the military and stuff like that," Ada said. 

Ada keeps herself really busy. Whether it's softball, cheerleading, Civil Air Patrol, Air Force ROTC at school, or just hanging out with friends and family.  

"I'm a pretty busy person, but I just manage it out a lot. It's crazy to say this but normally at night I list out everything that I have to do for the next day and then go about it," Ada said. 

Planning out her days has become a necessity, and she believes strongly in leading by example. 

"You never have to get on her about promotions or about getting people in order," Larry said. "She's always first one to do it and then she tells you about it. She's perfect when it comes to that sort of stuff command and control." 

Ada took money she earned from her fast food job to help a recruit pay her entrance fee and her first supplies. 

"I was raised that way. She really showed me she wanted to be in it and she seemed like a pretty good person. So I just did it out of the kindness of my heart," Ada said. 

Ada recently received the Billy Mitchell Award, which is an award few cadets receive. The Mitchell Award allows Ada to enter any branch of the military with a higher rank and starting pay. As to why she does all that she does? 

"I like interacting with different people and like I said leading by example and having people want to follow me in my footsteps," Ada said. "Have people be like 'Oh I really want to be like her when I grow up' or something like that so that's my big goal." 

Ada plans to enlist in the Air Force after graduating high school. She wants to be a military police investigator. 

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