OUR TURN: Tax Revenue Overhaul

OUR TURN Tax Revenue Overhaul

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Louisiana Legislature completed its work on our state budget deficit and their results are sure to make almost no one happy.

For people who are averse to raising taxes, lawmakers did that, increasing state revenues by more than $250 million. For people who liked the level of state services they had grown accustomed to, including the TOPS scholarship program, they won't be happy either. And for people who are wanting to see real progress in the way our state conducts its fiscal affairs, they did not get much of anything out of the state's three legislative sessions so far this year.

Almost everyone agrees that our state's methods for collecting and spending tax revenues need to be overhauled in a dramatic way. If the financial difficulties that we're going through right now are not painful enough to spur our leaders to make a legitimate reform effort, it's hard to see how that will ever come about.

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