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Peeping Tom arrested in restaurant after using mirror to look under bathroom stall door

Michael Lee Jackson (Source: EBRSO) Michael Lee Jackson (Source: EBRSO)

Around 2 p.m. on Saturday, suspect, Michael Lee Jackson, 59, entered a ladies room inside a restaurant on Corporate Blvd. and is believed to have taken pictures with his cell phone of a female victim.

The victim says that while she was in one of the stalls in the women’s restroom, Jackson entered and stuck what she observed to be a cell phone with a mirror attached under the stall door. The victim immediately fled the restroom, calling out for her husband.

Jackson was then tackled by two other restaurant patrons and was held until East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene. Deputies then transported Jackson to EBRSO Headquarters for questioning, where he alleged that he didn’t notice he had entered a women’s restroom and was using the mirror to look under the stall to confirm whether he was in a men or women’s restroom.

Jackson also claims he did not take any pictures and snapped his phone in half to prove his innocence to the victim. After looking up Jackson’s criminal history, it was revealed that he is a registered sex offender and has been previously arrested for obscenity, video voyeurism, and peeping tom.

Jackson was then transported to EBRSO Prison and booked accordingly. He is charged with video voyeurism and peeping tom.    

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