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CBS This Morning interviews BR mom arrested for whipping her kids

Schaquana Spears (Source: CBS This Morning) Schaquana Spears (Source: CBS This Morning)

A controversial arrest in Baton Rouge has people around the country giving their input, with many asking should a mother have been arrested for whipping her children.

"I needed them to understand what they were doing was wrong," Schaquana Spears said. "I needed them to know that they could've gotten themselves killed. Worst case now - they are going to court - a child, a baby."

Spears is facing felony cruelty charges.

She said she caught her sons in the act of breaking into a house. Court documents state the children had cuts and scratches on their bodies after she whipped them. 

Many people said the question is not should the kids have been disciplined, but did the mother go too far?

Spears said she would not do anything differently even now that her story is grabbing national headlines.

"Our generation is messed up. I refuse to look over my kids in a coffin or visit in a jail cell. I can't do it and I will do whatever I do to keep that from happening," Spears added.

CBS This Morning is digging deeper into this issue. The segment will air after 9News This Morning.

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