Report: DA may not pursue charges against Greensburg Mayor-elect

The Investigators: Report: DA may not pursue charges against Greensburg Mayor-elect
(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)

GREENSBURG, LA (WAFB) - The Town of Greensburg is still without an acting mayor as the man set to take office is under scrutiny after his arrest Monday.

After a city meeting, Greensburg Mayor-elect Willie Hurst calmly declined to answer questions about the charges he was slapped with or the case that started it all.

In March, Greensburg Police arrested Tarran Love for the charge of domestic battery after he was accused of choking the mother of his child. According to police, the victim ultimately did not want to press charges, but state law requires that domestic violence suspects are arrested.

As police were making the arrest, a bystander named Philip Travis allegedly tried to intervene by threatening the responding officers which included the Greensburg police chief. In the incident report, Travis reportedly said he would have Mayor-elect Hurst fire them.

Documents show Hurst did show up to the scene and talk with Travis. Documents also noted the whole incident was recorded on officer-worn body cameras.

According to Chief Tim Brown's arrest report, Hurst allegedly said "there were black, white and grey areas of the law. You don't have any grey area here?" Documents also showed Hurst made a call, reportedly asking advice on the how to proceed.

In the end, the suspect was arrested and taken to jail.

The question of whether the mayor-elect acted appropriately in this case was the subject of a 9New investigation.

On Monday, the Greensburg Police Department charged Hurst and Travis with interfering with an investigation, public intimidation and retaliation, and obstruction of justice.

Travis faces additional charges of inciting a felony and two counts of intimidation of a witness.

The arrest report states "the interference placed the victim and her infant child in further risk of harm."

However, the district attorney is reportedly not likely to pursue the charges against Hurst. The Advocate reports that DA Scott Perrilloux said he did not find any evidence to indicate the mayor-elect committed a crime or threatened to fire the chief.

Meanwhile, it is business as usual for the small town, where Hurst currently serves as an alderman. Greensburg is currently without an acting mayor.  Hurst isn't set to take office until December and the current mayor quit on June 2. It will be up to Gov. John Bel Edwards to appoint an interim.

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