Crime Stoppers: Triple murder in Baton Rouge still unsolved after six years

Crime Stoppers: Triple murder in Baton Rouge still unsolved after six years

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Six years. That's how long it's been since three people were shot and killed inside a home in north Baton Rouge. Six years, and nothing. Six years, and the killers are still out there.

A horrible night turned into a heartbreaking morning on Elmer Avenue back on June 15, 2010. Worlds changed that day. In fact, three lives ended. 63-year-old Matthew Holliday, 59-year-old Jeraldine Holliday, and 26-year-old Kayla Holliday were all shot and killed. Clues as to what happened have been thin.

"The information they did give was that it was a group of four or five black males wearing masks," said Detective Chris Polito with the Baton Rouge Police Department. The stories coming out of the neighborhood over the years since, well, rumors do run wild. "Anybody who knew her, knew what type of person she was, I feel her memory has been tainted by what's been said," said Latonya Oby of her aunt.

What needs to happen now of course is for people who actually know something to come forward. "The avenues have a rough reputation," says Det. Polito. "It's also a close knit community. People keep together, really friendly, police friendly. However, the other side is things go down, they don't talk and crimes don't get solved." Latonya used to live in that house, and knows well that he grapevine works very well in the neighborhood. "You heard everything around you," she says. "Two or three streets over, you heard it. So for people to say they didn't hear anything, that's surprising."

She is left now with haunted thoughts of those final moments for her aunt and her cousin. "I think about how she felt. She had to be afraid, Kayla had to be afraid," she says. Now the family is left to live a future without them, a future that is so very different from the past of six years ago. The family is determined though, to push forward and keep their memories alive. "It's not how they died," says Oby. "It's how they lived. It's how they lived."

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