Dogs abandoned at soccer field, owner could face charges

Dogs abandoned at soccer field, owner could face charges

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Four dogs were found abandoned in the Burbank area, and officials with Animal Control say the owner could face criminal charges if identified.

"They are certainly better off now than they were before," said Hilton Cole, Director for East Baton Rouge Animal Control. "They were in deplorable condition."

Animal Control investigators were contacted by the animal rescue organization, Yelp Baton Rouge after a Good Samaritan discovered the dogs near the soccer fields on Burbank Drive.

"They were so matted and had so much fur on them they were literally walking on fur," said Pam Chenevert, board member of Yelp Baton Rouge. "Let's put it this way, they had no fleas on them because their fur was so thick the flees couldn't even get to them."

Animal Control and the Companion Animal Alliance released the dogs to the care of Yelp.

"We took the dogs to our groomer Cookie Williams at Goomingdale's Pet Salon," Chenevert explained. "She agreed to groom them for free. They were so bad their toenails had rotted from being covered in fur."

The dogs had to be shaved to the skin. Cole said the dogs showed signs of potentially painful skin infections.

"They are deathly afraid of people," Chenevert said. "They are very sweet, but very afraid. They've been abandoned and abused."

One of the dogs is suffering from a serious eye infection. Yelp is working to raise funds to pay for surgery.

"Dr. Ron Ponchieux at the Bluebonnet Veterinary Hospital has agreed to do the surgery for us," she said. "He's either going to lose the eye or we're going to do the surgery."

After a little love, compassion and medical attention, all the dogs should recover and will be available for adoption.

One of the four dogs is currently ready for adoption. She is a female terrier.

To contact Yelp Baton Rouge, call (225) 485-9200.

If you know anything regarding the owner of the dogs, call the East Baton Rouge Animal Control at (225) 774-7700.

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