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This week’s Your Turn segment goes to Cindy Turnipseed. Turnipseed sent us an email expressing concern about the state’s TOPS program to fund college scholarships. She thinks the program could be a waste of taxpayers’ money and she wants us to investigate. In her words:

Please report on the dropout rate of TOPS recipients. I'm curious about why this issue, in light of the current budget troubles and the high cost to the people of this state, has not been addressed. Why aren't recipients who drop out not required to pay back all the money? I've read that 46% of all TOPS students drop out. This is people's money being given and wasted. Don’t you think this is a big story? Please bring this issue to the front. It may help avoid tax increases.

That’s Cindy Turnipseed’s turn. Now it’s your turn. To comment on this segment or anything else, visit us on Facebook or send an email to

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