Calls for EMS rise as temperature climbs

Calls for EMS rise as temperature climbs

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - People living in South Louisiana are used to the heat, but with "feels like" temperatures reaching as high as 105, it can feel downright miserable at times. With more hot days ahead, it's important to remember to be safe and hydrate.

"So far in the month of June we've already had 11 heat related emergencies, one of which was a child locked in a vehicle," said Brad Harris, Baton Rouge EMS. "We're only at the 15th of the month so far, so it's averaging about one a day."

Saturday, June 11 was the day EMS responded to the highest number of calls in the  Baton Rouge area. This weekend is a holiday, Father's Day, and many will try to spend some quality time in the sun with dad.

"If you can avoid going outside in the heat, it's best to do so," Harris said. " If you're going to be outside in the heat, it's best to make sure you drink plenty of fluids every 15 to 20 minutes, make sure you're getting some kind of fluids in your body to replenish what you're losing through sweat."

If you don't take the warning seriously, your next visit could be from an emergency responder.

"A lot of the heat related calls that we go on are people that have been out in the heat too long and they have not properly hydrated," Harris noted. "Typically they are past the point of cramps and now they are more to the point of heat exhaustion to where they are tired, confused, they can't stop shaking, shivering, that sort of thing, so we have to do some type of active cooling to cool them down, typically with ice packs and possibly with an IV if they have to be hydrated that way."

There's one bit of good news.

"By the time we reach the weekend, a weak cool front will approach, bumping rain chances back up to 40 percent for Saturday and Sunday," said WAFB 9 News Meteorologist Steve Caparotta. "Hot and humid weather continues on Saturday as highs reach the low 90s, but the front may slip just to our south by Sunday, providing a modest reduction in heat and humidity. Sunday's highs are expected to top out in the upper 80s - a small break but certainly one that we'll take!"

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