Smile Power Day

Happy Smile Power Day, a whole 24 hours set aside to recognize the good that can come from even the littlest of grins. Let your smile shine, show off those dimples and make someone's day a little bit brighter.

Did you know...

  1. Studies have show that you feel better when you smile.
  2. Smiling is contagious.
  3. Those who smile live longer.
  4. Newborns are able to smile.
  5. There are 19 types of smiles.
  6. Smiling is a universal sign of happiness.
  7. Smiles relieve stress.
  8. Forcing yourself to smile can boost your mood.
  9. Smiling will make your voice sound more friendly.

So what are you waiting for, get grinning! Share your smile with us on Twitter and Instagram @WAFB and using the hashtags #WAFBandMe and #WAFBSmiles.