Victim shot by robber after firing first in double shooting

Victim shot by robber after firing first in double shooting

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Police say a teen robbery suspect thought a man carrying a purse was an easy target, but soon learned that the victim was carrying a weapon of his own.

"The victim reached down into his purse and pulled out a gun," notes the arresting officer in the probable cause report. "The victim fired one shot into the left leg of the defendant."

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, the shooting happened Monday in the 2200 block of N. Acadian Thrwy at roughly 9 p.m.

The suspect, 17-year-old Ja'andrea Sherman, allegedly approached the man in the parking lot of a convenience store. After the victim responded by firing his gun, Sherman reportedly fired multiple shots and the victim was struck in the stomach.

Sherman and the victim both ran away after the shootings and both were transported to a local hospital for treatment. During interviews, police learned about the attempted robbery.

"He told police that he was in a bad place and needed money," states the report. "He saw the purse and tried to take it."

After being treated for his injury, Sherman was arrested and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. He is charged with attempted armed robbery and attempted first-degree murder.

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