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Senate committee advances tax exemption bill for Girl Scout cookies, high school football tickets

Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee (Source: WAFB) Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee (Source: WAFB)

A Senate Committee changed course Tuesday, advancing a bill that would cleanup mistakes made during the first special session. 

SB 3 would restore exemptions on the sales tax to things like Girl Scout Cookies and tickets to high school football games.

On Monday, Sen. JP Morrell, D-New Orleans, said he would hold off on moving his cleanup bill until the House began approving more revenue measures. Morrell chairs the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs committee, which oversees tax policy for that body. 

So far, the House has advanced tax bills that would generate an estimated $220 million for the fiscal year starting July 1. That is far short of the $600 million the governor says is needed to fix the budget next year. 

Morrell’s decision to run the bill comes as lawmakers on the House side appear to be working on a compromise over one other bill. HB 38 would decrease how much of the federal excess itemized deduction individuals can claim on their personal income tax. 

Lawmakers in the House Ways and Means Committee killed a similar bill last week after lawmakers amended it to link it with tax reform measures. 

The compromise appears to involve creating a sunset period for the bill after a few years. Latest estimates have the bill generating more than $100 million next year. 

HB 38 is scheduled to be heard in the House committee on Wednesday. 

SB 3, meanwhile, now heads to the Senate Finance committee for consideration.

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