Jealousy amongst teens leads to kidnapping and armed robbery arrest

Jealousy amongst teens leads to kidnapping and armed robbery arrest

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - On Saturday, June 5, police were called to the scene of a kidnapping and armed robbery. Rachel Ann Dupuy, 18, spoke with the victim, a former classmate, over the phone and arranged to pick him up from his home so the two could talk.

Once at the BREC park, the victim says Dupuy began to scan the area in a suspicious manner and then rolled down his window. At that point, a male approached the passenger side window, opened the door, and pointed a handgun at his head, ordering him to get into the back seat of the vehicle. The victim identified the assailant as Dupuy's boyfriend, who was allegedly jealous of Dupuy's friendship with the victim.

As he was being ordered into the back seat, another assailant, a black male, approached the vehicle armed with an assault rifle and entered the back of the vehicle. The black male demanded the victim's valuables and also confiscated his hat and cell phone.

The victim was then ordered to blindfold himself with his shirt and was taken to a nearby baseball park and was instructed to kneel down and count to 100 while Dupuy and the others drove away. The victim then fled the field and contacted police.

According to officials, it was later revealed in an interview with the victim that Dupuy had threatened to hurt him several months prior. Dupuy had no criminal history prior to the incident.

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