Transit Union talks future of Louisiana transit

Transit Union talks future of Louisiana transit

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - America's largest transit union went before the East Baton Rouge Metro Council Wednesday afternoon with new ideas about vastly improving the city's transit system into one the area can be proud of.

Representatives of Amalgamates Transit Union (ATU) talked about linking the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) in Baton Rouge with many of the state's other major cities.

The union represents some CATS workers and those employees in Shreveport, Alexandria, Monroe, New Orleans and Jeff Parish.

ATU offered fresh ideas to build revenue and they plan to lobby the legislature next year about a dedicated funding source.

They emphasized that mass transit is a vital aspect of any city.

"Funding is so severe here, and everyone is being impacted by it," said Antonette Bryant, an international representative with ATU. Transit is the way of the world, and whether you have a car or not, you're impacted by transit.>

"Transit is not rocket science. It's a very easy science. A bus is there to provide service to the city, and it has to be collective of all the needs in the community," said another ATU representative.

Some suggestions from ATU include fees on parking tickets, hotels or rental cars dedicated to public transit.

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