PAR head talks about budget at BR Rotary Club

PAR head talks about budget at BR Rotary Club

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A top research official called out legislators Wednesday.

Robert Scott, the head of the Louisiana Public Affairs Research Council, said they do a better job of spending money than saving it, by cutting unnecessary expenses.

Scott made the comments while addressing the Baton Rouge Rotary Club.

Scott is also part of a task force set up to advise Gov. John Bel Edwards on a budget plan. He highlighted taxes, calling one idea for a tax bad for business.

"A lot of you may not be familiar with the franchise tax. This is kind of a capital tax. It's based on the network or the capital of a company, not on their income," Scott said. "This is not a very good tax, and in fact, Louisiana is the only state that is expanding its franchise tax. So many other states are getting out of it. There are right now only 18 states that have a corporate franchise tax."

That task force has until September to release recommendations on how to address the state budget.

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