Non-profit group helps law enforcement agencies get dogs for cops

Non-profit group helps law enforcement agencies get dogs for cops

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A local group has stepped forward to fill a vital need at different law enforcement agencies, including the Louisiana State Police.

K-9s can be a police officer's best friend that are often on the front lines between the public and danger.

Tim Henderson, an officer in Baton Rouge, has seen first hand how important the K-9s can be and how it can crush much more than a spirit when an officer loses one.

"I know the value of dogs and I know the relationships that are gained through having the working experience," Henderson said. "It gives me a lot of pleasure seeing that they are happy and the dogs are successful and the communities really enjoy having that asset available also."

Henderson started the non-profit group Dogs4Cops, which specializes in helping departments get K-9s.

The expense of getting and training a K-9 can be huge, especially for the smaller departments. However, Henderson said they help all departments.

The group's latest success story is out of Mississippi as a dog is in training to replace a K-9 for State Police.

"The Trooper was able to look at the dog and select from several different dogs and find one that he thinks personality wise would mesh with him," Henderson said. "Most of the departments are small will either give them a dog that's already trained or if a dog is donated to our organization will pay for the training and then will donate it to any department that's needy."

The owner of Road Runner Towing stepped up and made this latest story a success, but anyone who wants to help out can also do so by making a donation on the group's GoFundMe page.

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